Faith and Labor Solidarity Center

Drawing from sacred scriptures, Arise Chicago upholds the belief that every person is created in the image of God and therefore deserving of dignity and respect, including in the workplace.


Our Unique Role

Arise Chicago was founded in 1991 by a diverse group of religious leaders who created a model to combat some of poverty’s root causes (workers being paid improperly, workers receiving less than a living wage, etc.) by bringing the moral voice to both non-union and union workplace struggles.  Learn more


Clergy Support Workers Rights

All religious traditions believe in the rights of workers to have dignity in the workplace.  Join our growing list of religious leaders who support workers’ rights. Learn more


Clergy Support a Raise in the Minimum Wage

Arise Chicago is very active in the coalition of 36 organizations, Raise Illinois, made up of community, business, faith, and labor organizations along with minimum wage workers and supporters that are committed to advocating for a raise to $10.65 an hour and tie it to inflation thereafter. Learn more

If you are a religious leader, you can add your name to a list of hundreds of religious leaders who support the raise. Sign the Faith Leaders Petition.


Connecting with Congregations

Each year, Arise Chicago places speakers in over 100 services over Labor Day weekend to speak about the dignity of work and the need to treat workers with respect.

Arise Chicago also connects with congregations on a daily basis throughout the year. Learn more



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