Public Policy

Arise Chicago has joined several coalitions in order to advocate for public policy changes most effectively.

Anti-Wage Theft Ordinance in Chicago

Arise Chicago led the effort to make Chicago the largest city in the nation to have an ordinance that punishes employers who are found guilty of committing wage-theft by revoking their business license.

The ordinance was passed unanimously in city council and began to take effect on July 1, 2013.


Earned Sick Time

Arise is a founding member of the Earned Sick Time Chicago Coalition, which is working to support passage of a ordinance that would provide all workers in Chicago the ability to earn paid sick time.  Over 460,000 workers in Chicago do not have access to a single paid sick day to stay home when ill, take care of an ill family member, or attend a doctor’s appointment for themselves of a family member.  Without such access, workers go to work sick or risk loss of wages or a job by taking time off.

Learn more about the coalition and campaign on our coalition website.


Raise the Illinois Minimum Wage

Arise Chicago is an active member in the coalition of 36 organizations, Raise Illinois, made up of community, business, faith, and labor organizations along with minimum wage workers and supporters that are committed to advocating for a raise to  $10.65 an hour and tie it to inflation thereafter.

If you are a religious leader, you can add your name to list of hundreds of religious leaders who support the raise.  Sign the Religious Leaders Petition

If you live in Illinois, you can add your name to thousands of citizens who support the minimum wage.  Sign the Voters Petition

If you are a responsible business owner or the director of a non-profit who wants to help lift families out of poverty, you can also add your signature. Sign the Business Owner Petition

Learn more  on the Raise Illinois coalition website.


End Exploitation of Domestic Workers

The National Domestic Workers Alliance is one of the most innovative and powerful new worker organizations. In 2012 Arise Chicago joined the National Domestic Workers Alliance to advocate for Polish domestic workers, which comprise 25% of the Chicagoland work force.

Arise has established its Domestic Workers Organizing Committee and is a member of a local coalition seeking to establish an Illinois Domestic Worker Bill of Rights, similar to the one passed in New York, that would  extend basic employment and labor laws to domestic workers.

Learn more about the national campaign.


Towards Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Illinois Congressman Luis Gutierrez, a national leader in the movement for comprehensive immigration reform, invited Arise Executive Director Rev. Hawking to join his Family Unity Advisory Group.  The group meets on a regular basis to challenge Immigration Customs and Enforcement to advocate for a sharp decrease in deportations by invoking ICE’s discretionary power with greater frequency.  Learn more 


End Downgrading of City of Chicago Jobs

After the City of Chicago fired dozens of workers, most of whom worked decades cleaning public buildings, and replaced them with low-wage contracted labor with no benefits, a Responsible Bidders Ordinance was introduced which would require companies to pay a living wage with benefits, in order to gain a city contract. Arise Chicago joins with dozens of community partners to support the Responsible Bidders Ordinance.


Everyone Should Pay Their Fair Share

What do Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Bill Gates, Kofi Annan, eleven European nations, and Arise Chicago have in common?  All support the Robin Hood Tax.

For many months, nurses, healthcare, environmental, labor, consumer, faith-based and other community activists have rallied on Wall Street, at banks and legislative offices, and outside the White House and Treasury Department, saying it is time to tax Wall Street to help revive our economy and nation.

Now it’s no longer just a movement. It’s also legislation, H.R. 6411, the Robin Hood tax, has been introduced in Congress.  Learn more




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