Leadership Development

In addition to organizing within their own workplaces, ACWC trains members to take action beyond their workplaces.

For most of our members, Arise is the primary port of entry into participating in the civic process and making their collective interest known to decision makers.

Expanding Skill Sets

Workers bring many talents to Arise Chicago and Arise helps to further broaden and deepen workers’ skill sets.  Since we include workers in every aspect of our work, there is a wide array of areas for participation.  In other words, there is something for everybody!

Arise regularly provides opportunities for workers to strengthen and build abilities in the following areas:

  • public speaking
  • organizing within the community
  • speaking to the media about the struggle of low-wage workers
  • meeting with government and elected officials to educate them about the public policy changes that need to occur
  • leading workshops
  • conducting outreach to strategic coalition and community partners
  • representing the organization at coalition partners’ rallies
  • meeting with those who fund our work
  • serving on committees and boards

As skills continue to strengthen, members are asked to serve on one of our three organizing committees and our Board of Directors.

Strengthening Communities

Membership is a means for workers to exercise and broaden their skills, and then apply those skills to other issues that impact their lives. Workers often tell us that at Arise, they find their voice.  Our members discover that they can affect change and build stronger neighborhoods.

Arise worker-members have formed the following organizing committees:

Organizing Committee

Nancy Alvarez

Gabriel Camacho

Rocio Caravantes

Reynel Castillo

Derek Castillo

German Flores

Maria Garcia

Isabel Mendez

Amalia Montes de Oca

Carmen Ocon

Juan Reyes

Jose Tafoya


Organizing Committee

Florencio A.

Pedro C.

Martin C.

Margaro D.

Javier J.

Oscar O.

Agustin P.

Carlos R.

Juan R.

Maria S.

Domestic Workers
Organizing Committee

Ewa Clark

Jadwiga Karska

Ewa Wyrebska



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