Worker Committees

As our members develop as leaders, they are invited to formally serve on an Arise organizing committee and then the Board of Directors to help shape and direct the work of Arise.

Each February Arise Chicago members, along with their families, celebrate their victories at our annual Member Victory Party.  Members share their workplace stories and how they have developed as leaders over the past year.  Members learn about the other campaigns and the scope of the work of Arise over the past year.  Members and their families eat, dance, and look ahead to the next year.

Organizing Committee

Diana Alverez

Francisco Avila

Rocio Caravantes

Juan Castillo

David de Jesus

Juan Jose Escobar

Maria Garcia

Celina Jimenez

Karen Leyva

Ana Laura Lopez

Maria de la Luz

Isabel Mendez

Alfredo Oaxaca

Carmen Ocón Balán

Kahphira Palmer

Martina Sánchez

Manuela Sepúlveda

Elizabeth Torres

Robinda Vilchez

Domestic Workers
Organizing Committee

Henryka B.

Ewa C.

Urzula C.

Aleksandra F.

Elzbieta G.

Krystayna K.

Jadwiga K.

Jozefa M.

Esperanza M.

Isabel M.

Carmen O.

Monika O.

Ewa S.

Agata S.

Maria S.

Pelagia U.

Rosbinda V.

Ewa W.

Magdalena Z.

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